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Information for undergraduate studies at UNAM as a foreign or mexican student


How can I find out about international and national mobility opportunities, as well as different activities on this topic?

Through this website in the e-Offer section or through our social networks: FB, IG, TW y YT.

Are you interested in studying for a semester at UNAM as part of your undergraduate degree for:

  • Taking courses for a semester or year
  • Performing clinical rotations in an academic institution
  • Carrying out a professional internship in an academic institution, or
  • Doing a research stay in an academic institution at UNAM

We have academic collaboration agreements with international and national Higher Education Institutions (HEI). To find out if this is available at your university, contact your university's mobility office to find out what opportunities are available to you. Through the call for student mobility at UNAM, which is published twice a year and sent by e-mail to the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) with which UNAM has an agreement, undergraduate students can apply for a registration fee waiver. The results of the applications are notified to the university and student through the online system and email in March for Fall semester and in August for Spring.

However, you can study at UNAM as a "Visiting Student" for a fee of $250 USD for registration and $275 USD for each subject to be taken. The procedure to be followed is the same as that established in the corresponding mobility call.

Learn about the Requisitos generales to be able to do a mobility exchange in our House of Studies:

General requirements

  • Be a regular full-time undergraduate student at an international or national Higher Education Institution.
  • Fulfill the requirements established by your institution in order to carry out a student mobility at UNAM.
  • For foreign students: a valid passport is required
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 8, its equivalent, or the one required by the corresponding school at UNAM. Consult the table of specific requirements of schools of some academic entities.
  • Have completed at least 44% of the credits of your curriculum at your home university.
  • Fulfill the requirements established by the academic entity of UNAM to carry out a student mobility. Consult the specific requirements of the academic entities in the current Call or in this link:

Also, comply with:
  • Requirements for national students:
    • CURP
    • INE
    • IMSS insurance
  • Requirements for international students
    • In case the language of yo instruction or mother language is not Spanish, you must have a certificate of proficiency in Spanish, corresponding to at least B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For example, DIELE, SIELE https://certificacion.cepe.unam.mx/siele/

Migratory requirements for international students

Health requirements
  • At the time of being accepted, you must have major medical insurance with broad coverage and in force during the entire period of your stay in Mexico. It must cover accidents, travel, medical consultations, hospitalization due to illness or COVID-19 and repatriation of body.
  • The call will indicate the necessary specific health requirements that correspond as well as the health regulations related to COVID-19.

Note: The Traveler's Preventive Care Clinic is a mixed service, research and teaching department that depends on the Research Division of the UNAM's School of Medicine, which orients, prevents and protects before, during and after a trip.

Are courses offered in English or in any other language?

Courses are usually taught in Spanish; however, some academic institutions offer some courses in English. You can consult the information on which courses and in which schools they are taught in this link: https://www.unaminternacional.unam.mx/archivos/doc/blog/asignaturas-en-ingles/asignaturas-ingles.pdf

Useful information

Students accepted for undergraduate mobility can take parallel courses in Spanish and Mexican Culture at the Teaching Centre for Foreigners (CEPE).

Are there Spanish courses at UNAM?

Yes, they are coordinated by CEPE, (Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros). It offers courses in Spanish and Mexican culture which you can take to improve your command of Spanish and learn more about Mexico. They are short courses, generally six weeks. You count with a 50% discount on registration and courses as a mobility student. For more information you can consult the website https://cepe.unam.mx/

Does UNAM grant any type of scholarship to foreign students for an academic semester?

No, UNAM does not offer this type of support. Investigate in your university to see if they have any support programs. It is important to note that this procedure is independent from the UNAM procedure.

Does UNAM have housing or residences for students?

UNAM supports foreign and national students to find appropriate and safe accommodation options near the Ciudad Universitaria campus (Central Campus).
If you carry out your mobility in an academic entity outside of Mexico City, the person responsible for student mobility of said entity can also advise you on obtaining accommodation.

Accepted students can register through the following CEPE link to obtain the catalog of accommodation options. It is not recommended that you make payments or contracts in advance before being in the destination city and verifying the suitability of the room, house or apartment unless it has been recommended by someone you trust.

Registration to the accommodation system for foreigners:

Procedure for incoming mobility

Incoming mobility calls:
  • They are published twice a year on the website of the General Directorate for Cooperation and Internationalization (DGECI): www.unaminternacional.unam.mx
    • For mobility in spring (school calendar from January to June)
      • Dates of nomination/application in the Online System: from August to October
      • Publication of results: November and December
    • For mobility in autumn (school calendar from August to December)
      • Dates of nomination/application in the Online System: from March to April
      • Publication of results: May and June
  1. The HEIs begins the process of pre-registration of the student in the Incoming Student Mobility Management System (SGMEE)
  2. The student receives an email with a link to complete their online application and upload the required documents.
  3. When the student finishes, the IES receives an e-mail informing that the student completed their application and proceeds to review, validate, and upload the institutional nomination letter.
  4. The mobility application is received in the DGECI system.
  5. The UNAM academic entity is the only authority to issue the letter of acceptance or the letter of rejection, as an opinion.
  6. The decision is notified through the system to the HEIs and the student.

The entire process is carried out through the SGMEE platform.

Contact information with the DGECI for student mobility at UNAM

Carlos Navarro cnavarro@global.unam.mx
Javier Enciso jenciso@global.unam.mx

Contact information for student mobility in UNAM Postgraduate / Master and Doctorate (Graduate Students)